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A Look at the Most Common Household Electrical Problems

When Orange Park residents call an electrician, it can be related to one of thousands of issues or needs. However, some electrical issues are more commonly experienced than others and so most people find themselves in need of electrical contractors orange park fl for these problems more often. What are the most common electrical problems occurring in Orange Park homes?

Overloaded Circuits

Perhaps the most common electrical problem for homeowners involves overloaded circuits. There is a circuit breaker panel in your home that connects all the circuits to the best source of power available. When too much is connected to a single circuit, they become overloaded and power failure and other problems are oftentimes the result.

Power Surges

Power surges are caused when a dedicated circuit isn’t used and there is too much current going through the wiring. This can happen when multiple appliances are used at once as well as lighting and inclement weather.  To avoid power surges, use an up to date dedicated circuit and call a professional if there are problems.

Bad Wiring

Outdated, damaged, or frayed home wiring increases the risks of being involved in a house fire, shocks, and electrocution. Bad wiring is also a problem that is found in many older Orange Park homes. Call an electrician do a writing assessment if there is any question that your wires are in good condition.

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Lighting Issues

Flickering lights is a problem that we’ve all endured at least on one occasion, whether at home or another location. If this issue occurs at home more than once, it is usually cause for concern. Call the electrician since it’s oftentimes a sign that your circuits are inadequate or that something is wrong with the breaker.